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9 June 2005

Old Poem

Here's a poem I had written some eons ago (when I was 13 or so).
I still don't know whether I write well or not, but does it really matter?

This one's titled Courage.

Even if you know the art of fighting,
Fighting with anything, just anything;
You've got to have one more thing.
You need it even if you have skill.
You need it even if you have power.
You need it even with the best
Weapons of fighting a war.
You need it even when you want
The world's best things.
Well, you need courage.

I haven't edited this since it was published in a Children's magazine in August 1988. Nor do I intend to edit it now.

But a few after-thoughts are always welcome, isn't it.

As of now, I'm really not sure whether courage is more important or lack of fear or both (or none).

Do let me know your thoughts.