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Mehul's experience ranges from working closely with the CEO of a Rs120 billion-mega utility as an Executive assistant to driving a team function in Oracle Projects as the Team Lead to creating and building valuations models and maintaining industry-wide databases.

20 June 2006

Paradoxes of Life

The Paradoxes of Life
are Long and Short
Long Life, for Short Memories;
Broad Visions, and Narrow Actions;
True Friendship, but False Hopes;
Hatred Abound, with Love Lost;

We claim to have a lot of friends, but do we even know their favourite colour, or their first love, or the songs that they like? ... Isn't that the long and short of our friendships

We claim to wanting to do a lot of things in our lives, both personal and professional, we have broad and big vision; but do we back it up with equally broad and big actions? ... Don't we have inaction, or narrow actions at best?

We claim true friendship, but are we really there when our friends need us? Don't we have excuses just when they need our help? Are we not giving our true friends, false hopes?

We have so much hatred within us that we have lost the meaning of loving ... Loving our family, our friends, and loving ourselves ...

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14 June 2006

I Love You Because

I LOVE YOU because ...

you showed me my dreams,
you pushed me to achieve more,
you encouraged me when I doubted myself,
you held my hand when I was lost,
you trusted me when no one else did,
you taught me to separate the right and the wrong,
you cared for me when I was alone;
you lived your life as if it were mine;
I Love You because
there is no reason not to ...

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Love is

knowing each others' likes & dislikes;
sharing dreams & passions;
growing together;
agruing over petty stuff,
but agreeing over everything else;
fulfilling wishes before they are said;
enjoying one another;
pampering children together;
a friendship for a lifetime;
a bond forever.

Thank you my dear wife
for loving me this much
and even more

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13 June 2006

On Friendship - Part II

Life always give us many opportunities
to make friends, to do things we wanted, to love and to be loved;
Some knock on your door,
Others come in through the window,
like gentle wind, or like a thunderstorm;
Don't fret over what is lost,
Think about what you lose
when you live in the past;
Hold them, feel them, keep them,
Each is different,
Each is unique.

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On Friendship - Part I

Walking down the path of life
We make many friends
Each special in a different way
Each special in the way the touch our souls
All friends move on
And so do we
Still we do not want to let go
But we have to ...
So that each of us can touch more lives
And make more friends

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4 June 2006

Time to Get Nostalgic

It's time to get nostalgic ... once again.

Today is the time to reflect on the memories of my life, the friends that I have made, the friends that I have not kept in touch with, but still cherish. The friends whom I miss, and who are a part of me, because each one has changed me in one way or the other.
From them, I have learnt to enjoy each day in our short life, to be positive; and that the way you rise after a fall is more important that anything else. They have shown me that love and friendship can make a person surmount any obstacle. Still other friends have taught me that:
Every Rose Has Its Thorn, but its still beautiful;
So does every person have a fault, but is still a friend

I was in a boarding school in Panchgani, the one and only, The Billimoria High School. In my first 3 years there I didn't like it at all. I missed my parents, I missed being home, I seemed to like everything but being there. But the 4th and last year there was so wonderful, I really enjoyed myself. I collected more memories in this one year than in the other 3 put together. I can recollect the last day in my boarding school as if it were yesterday. We hardly slept the night earlier, and the next morning we had a bus ready to take us back to Bombay. All of us piled in, sang, danced and made merry on the 8-9 hour journey. We all promised each other to be in touch. But that's one thing that I haven't done as much as I would like to. Sorry my dear friends.

College in Bombay was another wonderful phase in my life. That's where I met my wonderful wife. That is the place where I made my some friends who are very close to me even today. They are the ones who were there by me when I needed them the most, unquestioning, fully trusting and supporting me. Thanks a lot my dear friends.

But today, I feel a different kind of emotion. I am excited about the future, about the new opportunity that has come my way. But I am feeling the pain of moving away from some friends that I have made in the last few years here in Hyderabad, both at work as well as in other social circles. The last time I felt this kind of happiness and pain, was when I moved from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad . I had to leave behind a wonderful bunch of friends and co-workers. They were always helpful and willing to accommodate me for all kinds of things at work. They were willing to give me time to teach me, push me to achieve more, listen to my weird thoughts and ideas.

At a more personal level, so many of them bonded so well with me. We could spend hours at a stretch, talking of ambitions, achievements, failures, what we had learnt, and what we wanted to learn and do in life.

It's time for me to move on, just as the last time. I'm now moving from Hyderabad to Bombay; and here too I leave behind the same kind of friends. In the last 3 and half years I have been through these same feelings and bonding with another set of fabulous friends. Here too we would spend hours contemplating our future, our dreams, our ambitions and our families.

I know I shall miss them, just as I still do miss the friends I have made along the way earlier.

I know that just as I move on, others too will move on ... no one knows where we'll be in a few years; and we have only hope, faith and friends to help reach our destinations ...

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