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12 July 2006

The Blasts that Rocked Bombay

The 7 blasts that rocked the Bombay LifeLine last evening led to total mayhem and chaos across the city. People traveling in the local trains were terrified. The first thoughts were of similar events in the past and of helping others in trouble.

Injured and hurt, people still helped others. Such is the fighting spirit.

The sites all around were gory, to say the least. But it was really touching to see kids, adults and even aged people out on the streets. They were distributing water, biscuits and sandwiches to people stuck in trapped in tariff jams. So much so for the rudest city in the world!

The next morning, 12 hours after the blasts, the city was up and running. The local trains running again, people back to work; Mumbai fighting back - once again.

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