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22 May 2006

An Eventful Weekend

Last weekend was eventful. It started off with a wee-little-bit of house cleaning, then getting a list of movers & packers to help us move our stuff back to good ole mumbai, and then afternoon siesta. Nothing eventful till now, right? ...

The fun now begins ... the evening was spent loitering at the airport waiting for my MIL (mom-in-law for the uninitiated). The flight arrives an hour late. A neighbour is co-incidently on the same flight, and so we manage to fit in one more person and her luggage into my car. Home, here we come.

Soon after reaching home, we realise that the luggage my mil picked up wasn't hers!!! The suitcase was exactly the same, size, colour, dimensions, et al. Talk of co-incidences...

So off we were to the airport once again. Luckily my mil's baggage was just there with the airline authorities. After a sign of relief, and thanking the airlines, I hoped that I was done for the day. But that was not to be.

Next destination ... the jewellers. These jewellers seem to have become a family jeweler for us. Anyone uttering the word 'pearl' and they were promptly taken there. I get to feel good because this jeweller offers a 50% discount to us. But that's besides the point, we were there to exchange some jewellery, and my dear wife spots a really beautiful necklace set.

The next day was even better. We drove 575 kms in a day.

We were up early in the morning, 4:00 AM to be precise, got started soon after. Reached Nagarjuna Sagar Lake by 9:30 AM. It looked so beautiful.

From there we started off for the Srisailam Dam. On the way there was a deer park. My daughter was shown the first few deers of her life [she's just 1 and half years old].

This place also has a Hydro-electric plant. It looked awesome.

After driving round the Srisailam Dam, literally!, we reached the Mallika-Arjun Temple. This place is one of the 12 most holy places for Hindus, as it has one of the 12 jyotirlings [incarnations of Lord Shiva].

Here's one of my favourite pictures of the trip ... my daughter and me in the car ...

And yet another one ... this is one that I have taken by extending mywhile driving the car on the way back home ...

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