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A qualified Chartered Accountant running his own finance advisory firm. Mehul has wide experience in Finance and Information Management in varied industries Financial Services, Utilities and Information Services.

Mehul's experience ranges from working closely with the CEO of a Rs120 billion-mega utility as an Executive assistant to driving a team function in Oracle Projects as the Team Lead to creating and building valuations models and maintaining industry-wide databases.

18 January 2006

To My Dearest Wife

My Dearest Monu,

It's been 6 years that we are married, over 10 that we have been together; and there can't be a better time than today to tell you how much you mean to me.

You have always supported me in more ways than one, and I really do value it; so much so that I have started taking it for granted.

Your thoughtfullness for each and every small thing that I do is something that I overlook. I'm sorry my dear, I really am.

Thank you for everything; your patience with me, your loving ways, your caring touch, and most of all for spreading so much love and happiness all around.

And most of all, thank you for making each day so wonderful with your beautiful smile.